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Gary Garris | 07/10/14

If you get a stain on your clothing, be sure to blot it and not rub it.

Darthea Olander | 07/09/14

We use state of the art dry cleaning equipment to do the best job possible.

Cynthia Haley | 07/09/14

If you have a computer, you can order dry cleaning service from us online.

Barbara Roper | 07/09/14

We are considered a green dry cleaner which means we are environmentally friendly. We offer pick up and delivery service for our dry cleaning customers.

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Barbara Guertin | 07/09/14

We can clean versace, armani and vera wang gowns with special care.

Bill Markiewicz | 07/07/14

We are a dry cleaner who has been in town for many years.

Daniel Lagomasino | 07/07/14

If you want to take a mother of the bride dress and get rid of all the lace or beads, we can do that for you.

Gary Ebel | 07/06/14

If you have velvet dresses or a velvet comforter, bring them in for cleaning.

Doc Gibson | 07/06/14

We are a family owned and operated business that's been in town since 1978.

Antonia Baxter | 07/06/14

If you send your wedding gown to us, we can press it for you so it's ready for your big day.

Chris Bearman | 07/04/14

Couture brands are processed individually and never with other clothing.

Felicia Mueller | 07/03/14

Our dry cleaning service is endorsed by the association of bridal consultants.

Betty Barnette | 07/01/14

If you need the mother of the bride dress steamed and pressed, bring it to our dry cleaning shop.

Art Rodriguez | 06/30/14

If you are doing a destination wedding here, send us your wedding gown to be cleaned and steamed.

Cynthia Hill | 06/29/14

If you lost a lot of weight and need your wedding dress taken in, we have experts who can do that for you. We are an environmentally friendly dry cleaning establishment.

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Bret Waller | 06/29/14

We are wedding gown specialists who can dry clean, steam and press it for you.

Donna Auyer | 06/29/14

You can send all your designer clothing to us for special dry cleaning.

Barbara Gill | 06/27/14

We can dry clean draperies in all different styles and materials for you.

Cynthia Rice | 06/27/14

Be sure to have your suede professionally cleaned so you don't make a mess of it yourself.

Cindy Berrington | 06/26/14

We clean hundreds of tuxedos each week, so when you need your cleaned, give us a call. Adding sleeves or taking sleeves off is something our alteration team can do for you.

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Cynthia Hein | 06/26/14

We will have your wedding dress ready in plenty of time for your destination wedding.

Angela Summer | 06/25/14

If you are coming to town for your wedding, we can clean your wedding gown and send it to you in a preservation box. Our team of alterationists can take a wedding dress from someone else and alter it to fit you.

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Doris Angstadt | 06/24/14

We are classified as a couture dry cleaner.

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