Dry Cleaners Henderson

Angelia Worcel | 11/22/14

If you are going to wear your grandmother's wedding gown, we can clean and alter it for you.

Connie Haase | 11/22/14

If you want to take some lace off a dress or add some sleeves, let our alteration team do that for you.

Avril Corbin | 11/22/14

We can pick up your dry cleaning for you and deliver it back to you on time.

Alan Langston | 11/22/14

We take special care of heirloom quilts and will follow your instructions if you have special fabrics you want cleaned.

Carol Baker | 11/21/14

If you need your oriental rugs dry cleaned, we can do it for you.

Angela Taliaferro | 11/19/14

We employ more than 30 people to take care of all the dry cleaning and wedding gown preservation jobs we get.

Gail Acosta | 11/17/14

We are a couture dry cleaner at affordable prices.

Carol Campbell | 11/16/14

Suede and leather can be tough to clean if you don't know what you're doing.

Barbara Materese | 11/16/14

We are wedding gown specialists who can clean and preserve your wedding dress for you. If you are doing a destination wedding here, send us your wedding gown to be cleaned and steamed.

Audra Beagley | 11/15/14

You can join our email club and we will send you special discounts and promotions for dry cleaning services. We offer odor free dry cleaning service.

Cari Varner | 11/13/14

We have to dry cleaning plants to take care of all your dry cleaning needs. We can take care of all types of stains, including oily stains from butter or salad dressing.

Cassandra Rinnert | 11/11/14

We are an environmentally friendly dry cleaning establishment.

Doug Schelsteder | 11/11/14

Don't let stains set in, be sure to remove them as best you can right away.

April Aucoin | 11/11/14

We will hand finish your wedding gown with steam pressing and even sew on any loose beads.

Amy Crain | 11/10/14

Dry cleaning coats is something we can do for you.

Barbara Binder | 11/10/14

All of the dry cleaning and alteration work we do is done in one of our local shops.

Brian Clark | 11/10/14

We are a family owned and operated business that's been in town since 1978.

Gary Garris | 11/08/14

If you have lots of clothes you wear to work and need them cleaned and pressed, we can do that for you. We can do alterations for men's suits and women's gowns.

Alice Cooper | 11/08/14

Altering a wedding dress is something we excell in.

Ivan Cameron | 11/07/14

You need to be careful when cleaning suede so you don't ruin it.

Angela Decesare | 11/06/14

You can send all your designer clothing to us for special dry cleaning.

Elsa Sauritch | 11/06/14

If you need the mother of the bride dress steamed and pressed, bring it to our dry cleaning shop.

Amy Graunke | 11/04/14

Seventy wedding gown designers recommend our dry cleaning, wedding dress preservation services. When it comes to cleaning oriental rugs, we can clean them for you.

Ben Poage | 11/02/14

Be sure to have your suede professionally cleaned so you don't make a mess of it yourself.

Chuck Cox | 10/31/14

We can clean versace, armani and vera wang gowns with special care.

Chassidy Kidd | 10/31/14

We are considered a green dry cleaner which means we are environmentally friendly.

Georgia Ladagana | 10/29/14

If you are coming to town for your wedding, we can clean your wedding gown and send it to you in a preservation box.

Dave Scanlon | 10/27/14

Our alterations staff can fix anything from slacks to dresses.

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