Dry Cleaners Henderson

Geri Karabin | 10/23/14

We can do alterations for men's suits and women's gowns. We can clean your designer clothing and designer handbags for you with special care.

Denise Carver | 10/21/14

You will find butterfly boards in your collars when we launder your shirts.

Adam Scalecht | 10/19/14

We have 3 alterationists on site to take care of all your sewing needs.

Craig Batley | 10/18/14

If you prefer to work with a family owned business, you will love dealing with our dry cleaning business.

Audra Beagley | 10/18/14

If you work at a casino and need your uniforms dry cleaned, give us a call.

Cynthia Evans | 10/17/14

We can pick up your dry cleaning for you and deliver it back to you on time. We are licensed by the state and by the association of wedding gown specialists.

Anne Mackenzie | 10/17/14

You need to be careful when cleaning suede so you don't ruin it.

Arya Hariharan | 10/17/14

We specialize in dry cleaning designer clothing.

Barbara Roguske | 10/15/14

Don't let stains set in, be sure to remove them as best you can right away.

Bob Cramer | 10/14/14

We will replace broken or missing buttons on your shirts for you at no charge.

Chris Bearman | 10/13/14

We do local dry cleaning for individuals and families.

Holly Brookstein | 10/13/14

When it comes to cleaning oriental rugs, we can clean them for you.

Estella Montalvo | 10/11/14

Fruit juice and wine are stains we can take care of for you.

Belinda Hettler | 10/09/14

If you want to know our dry cleaning prices, just give us a call.

Erin Baker | 10/09/14

If you are doing a destination wedding here, send us your wedding gown to be cleaned and steamed.

Barbara Guertin | 10/07/14

When it comes to doing wedding dress alterations, we have experts on staff. You'll want to clean the tuxedo before you take it back to the rental location.

Carol Carberry | 10/06/14

We can clean police uniforms and press them to look crisp and clean.

Angela Decesare | 10/05/14

We can dry clean your white dress shirts and casino uniforms for you.

Alice Cooper | 10/05/14

You can join our email club and we will send you special discounts and promotions for dry cleaning services.

Cynthia Kraft | 10/05/14

We are considered a green dry cleaner which means we are environmentally friendly. If you need your oriental rugs dry cleaned, we can do it for you.

Carl Landauer | 10/04/14

We can take care of your coats as well as fur coats so they don't shrink.

Barbara Landreth | 10/02/14

We have to dry cleaning plants to take care of all your dry cleaning needs.

Betty Bachman | 10/01/14

We can do a couture finish for all your shirts which means they will be hand pressed.

Irene Breeden | 10/01/14

Our team of alterationists can take a wedding dress from someone else and alter it to fit you.

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dry cleaners Henderson