Dry Cleaners Henderson

Gail Cash | 12/21/14

Our alterations staff can fix anything from slacks to dresses.

Doris Angstadt | 12/19/14

We are wedding gown specialists who can dry clean, steam and press it for you.

Gail Waham | 12/19/14

We have 3 alterationists on site to take care of all your sewing needs. When it comes to reweaving your oriental rugs, we can take care of that for you.

Annie Borgenicht | 12/19/14

If you need the mother of the bride dress steamed and pressed, bring it to our dry cleaning shop.

Becky Boyer | 12/18/14

We can do alterations for men's suits and women's gowns.

Alexandra Wentworth | 12/16/14

Suede and leather can be tough to clean if you don't know what you're doing.

Andrea Hicken | 12/16/14

We are classified as a couture dry cleaner.

Irene Brown | 12/16/14

Be sure to bring the tuxedo shirt in for cleaning when you bring us your tuxedo. We have been in the dry cleaning business for more than 30 years.

Dana Davis | 12/14/14

If you are doing a destination wedding here, send us your wedding gown to be cleaned and steamed.

Faye Scheff | 12/14/14

If you work at a casino and need your uniforms dry cleaned, give us a call.

Chika Barnhizer | 12/12/14

We take special care of heirloom quilts and will follow your instructions if you have special fabrics you want cleaned.

Geri Karabin | 12/10/14

Our team of alterationists can take a wedding dress from someone else and alter it to fit you.

Annie Burd | 12/08/14

We can dry clean draperies in all different styles and materials for you.

Gary Wanamaker | 12/07/14

You will find butterfly boards in your collars when we launder your shirts. Our alteration staff has years of experience in fixing garments.

Jack Payne | 12/06/14

You need to be careful when cleaning suede so you don't ruin it.

Barbara Erb | 12/04/14

Couture brands are processed individually and never with other clothing.

Cal Wicker | 12/03/14

If you have designer shirts, we will hand press them for you. If your daughter needs her ballerina tutu cleaned, we are the dry cleaner who can do that for you.

Debbie Brock | 12/01/14

We can do a couture finish for all your shirts which means they will be hand pressed.

Allan Bahlke | 12/01/14

We offer pick up and delivery service for our dry cleaning customers.

Cindy Castoro | 12/01/14

We can pick up your dry cleaning for you and deliver it back to you on time.

Barbara Stitt | 12/01/14

If you are looking for an eco friendly dry cleaner, give us a call. We are an environmentally friendly dry cleaning establishment.

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