Dry Cleaners Henderson

Harry Brown | 02/27/15

Adding sleeves or taking sleeves off is something our alteration team can do for you.

Felicia Murray | 02/27/15

We are licensed by the state and by the association of wedding gown specialists.

Barbara Bentley | 02/25/15

We have private, air conditioned fitting rooms where we can alter your garments.

Christa Carotenuto | 02/24/15

We take special care of heirloom quilts and will follow your instructions if you have special fabrics you want cleaned.

Carol Childs | 02/22/15

We are a dry cleaner who has been in town for many years.

Amy Maclean | 02/22/15

Be sure to bring the tuxedo shirt in for cleaning when you bring us your tuxedo. If you are doing a destination wedding here, send us your wedding gown to be cleaned and steamed.

Heidi Ahearne | 02/20/15

We use a museum quality process to clean and restore vintage clothing to its original beauty. If you have a uniform for a casino job, we can pick it up and deliver it to you every week.

Cynthia Kocina | 02/18/15

If you want to know our dry cleaning prices, just give us a call. When it comes to doing wedding dress alterations, we have experts on staff.

Carol Anderson | 02/17/15

Altering a wedding dress is something we excell in.

Gial Waham | 02/15/15

If you need your oriental rugs dry cleaned, we can do it for you. We will replace broken or missing buttons on your shirts for you at no charge.

Carla Berrier | 02/15/15

We can dry clean your white dress shirts and casino uniforms for you.

Cari Mahoney | 02/15/15

We specialize in dry cleaning designer clothing.

Annie Bomgaars | 02/13/15

If you want to find a dry cleaner near you, give us a call.

Carla Caisse | 02/11/15

All of the dry cleaning and alteration work we do is done in one of our local shops.

Gail Acosta | 02/10/15

If you want to take some lace off a dress or add some sleeves, let our alteration team do that for you.

Billy Blackburn | 02/09/15

We can take care of all types of stains, including oily stains from butter or salad dressing.

Cynthia Gledhill | 02/08/15

Our dry cleaning service is endorsed by the association of bridal consultants.

Cassandra Rinnert | 02/08/15

If you work at a casino and need your uniforms dry cleaned, give us a call.

Brad Taylor | 02/08/15

You need to be careful when cleaning suede so you don't ruin it.

Gary Taras | 02/06/15

We are a couture dry cleaner at affordable prices.

Hope Bachelder | 02/04/15

You will find dry cleaning coupons right on our website.

Florence Jensen | 02/02/15

We can clean versace, armani and vera wang gowns with special care. Our work is guaranteed in 500 cities around the world.

Brian Cramer | 02/01/15

You can send all your designer clothing to us for special dry cleaning.

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