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Anne Garcia | 04/01/15

When it comes to reweaving your oriental rugs, we can take care of that for you.

Gary Oberg | 03/31/15

If you are going to the prom and need your dress altered, we can take care of that for you.

Hubbard Family | 03/29/15

We are experts when it comes to cleaning police, fire and all types of military uniforms.

Barbara Lewis | 03/27/15

We can clean your designer clothing and designer handbags for you with special care.

Billy Blackburn | 03/26/15

Laundering shirts is something we can do for you every week.

Debra Chormann | 03/24/15

We can do a couture finish for all your shirts which means they will be hand pressed.

Annie Burd | 03/24/15

We will replace broken or missing buttons on your shirts for you at no charge.

Erika Berube | 03/23/15

We can hem your clothes and dry clean them for you.

Bill Jansen | 03/21/15

We are licensed by the state and by the association of wedding gown specialists.

Belinda Bradley | 03/20/15

If you have a computer, you can order dry cleaning service from us online. If you need a quencinira dress altered or shortened, we can do that for you.

Angela Desiderato | 03/18/15

We are wedding gown specialists who can dry clean, steam and press it for you.

Cynthia Szafraniec | 03/18/15

We are a couture dry cleaner at affordable prices.

Betina Sanders | 03/16/15

If you work at a casino and need your uniforms dry cleaned, give us a call.

Gary Ebel | 03/14/15

Professional cleaning of leather and suede is something we do very well.

David Bedsworth | 03/12/15

We do local dry cleaning for individuals and families.

Annie Borgenicht | 03/10/15

If you need your oriental rugs dry cleaned, we can do it for you.

Dena Mccarthy | 03/10/15

You never need to worry about cleaning heirloom tablecloths or lace doilies when you bring them to us.

Dan Webber | 03/10/15

We can take care of your coats as well as fur coats so they don't shrink.

April Balentine | 03/09/15

If you want to wear your mother's wedding gown, bring it in to us and we will freshen it up for you.

Cynthia Cochrane | 03/07/15

If you need the mother of the bride dress steamed and pressed, bring it to our dry cleaning shop.

Elsa Sauritch | 03/06/15

We have private, air conditioned fitting rooms where we can alter your garments.

Amie Labrozzi | 03/05/15

You'll want to clean the tuxedo before you take it back to the rental location.

Diane Brakovec | 03/04/15

We use state of the art dry cleaning equipment to do the best job possible. If you have a bridesmaid dress you want altered so you can wear it again, bring it in to us.

Amy Starkowicz | 03/04/15

You can send all your designer clothing to us for special dry cleaning.

Darla Bilyeu | 03/02/15

We can clean versace, armani and vera wang gowns with special care.

Dawn Mcintosh | 03/02/15

Be sure to bring the tuxedo shirt in for cleaning when you bring us your tuxedo.

Heidi Driscoll | 02/28/15

We can take care of all types of stains, including oily stains from butter or salad dressing. Our cleaning process is good for daily clothing and special gowns and tuxedos.

Curt Schroeders | 02/28/15

We offer odor free dry cleaning service.

Cori Mcqueen | 02/28/15

If you have designer shirts, we will hand press them for you. You will find dry cleaning coupons right on our website.

Eric Rajasalu | 02/28/15

Altering a wedding dress is something we excell in.

Cynthia Depriest | 02/28/15

Suede and leather can be tough to clean if you don't know what you're doing.

Ariella Abraham | 02/27/15

Our alteration staff has years of experience in fixing garments. You will find butterfly boards in your collars when we launder your shirts.

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