Dry Cleaners Henderson

Adriana Dancea | 05/31/15

We can pick up your dry cleaning for you and deliver it back to you on time.

Carl Landauer | 05/29/15

If you have a bridesmaid dress you want altered so you can wear it again, bring it in to us.

Anne Marvak | 05/27/15

If you lost a lot of weight and need your wedding dress taken in, we have experts who can do that for you.

Chadwick Harley | 05/25/15

We can hem your clothes and dry clean them for you. We are considered a green dry cleaner which means we are environmentally friendly.

Emily Coyle | 05/23/15

Our alterations staff can fix anything from slacks to dresses.

Eli Svatek | 05/23/15

We have experienced alteration people who can turn a bad dress into something you'll love.

Barbara George | 05/21/15

We can clean your designer clothing and designer handbags for you with special care.

Fred Pafford | 05/20/15

We are wedding gown specialists who can dry clean, steam and press it for you.

Cynthia Strickland | 05/18/15

All of the dry cleaning and alteration work we do is done in one of our local shops.

Bob Cramer | 05/17/15

We are an environmentally friendly dry cleaning establishment. If your daughter needs her ballerina tutu cleaned, we are the dry cleaner who can do that for you.

Aimee Brooks | 05/16/15

If you get a stain on your clothing, be sure to blot it and not rub it.

Darby Bianco | 05/14/15

Our team of alterationists can take a wedding dress from someone else and alter it to fit you.

Casey Arriaga | 05/14/15

You will find dry cleaning coupons right on our website.

Barbara Binder | 05/13/15

If you want to preserve your wedding gown for your daughter to wear when she gets married, we can do that for you.

Barbara Carter | 05/12/15

Suede and leather can be tough to clean if you don't know what you're doing. We are experts when it comes to cleaning police, fire and all types of military uniforms.

Debra Capozzi | 05/12/15

If you have a uniform for a casino job, we can pick it up and deliver it to you every week.

Cindy Brown | 05/10/15

We do local dry cleaning for individuals and families.

Eve Chassereau | 05/08/15

Professional cleaning of leather and suede is something we do very well.

Barbara Ulkus | 05/06/15

If you want to take some lace off a dress or add some sleeves, let our alteration team do that for you. We can do a couture finish for all your shirts which means they will be hand pressed.

Cecelia Northcott | 05/04/15

You need to be careful when cleaning suede so you don't ruin it.

Annie Bomgaars | 05/03/15

Couture dry cleaning is something only specialized dry cleaners like us do.

Grace Aubuchon | 05/01/15

If you want to know our dry cleaning prices, just give us a call.

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