Dry Cleaners Henderson

Barbara Miller | 08/03/15

You will find butterfly boards in your collars when we launder your shirts.

Helen Cox | 08/01/15

If you want to find a dry cleaner near you, give us a call. You can send all your designer clothing to us for special dry cleaning.

Holly Betz | 08/01/15

Our bridal gown service is endorsed by the association of bridal consultants.

Barbara Dunn | 07/30/15

We offer shirt laundry service where we can return them on hangers or folded and boxed.

Georgia Main | 07/30/15

If you have a bridesmaid dress you want altered so you can wear it again, bring it in to us.

David Davis | 07/28/15

We have 3 alterationists on site to take care of all your sewing needs. If you need the mother of the bride dress steamed and pressed, bring it to our dry cleaning shop.

Ellen Barrass | 07/28/15

We can dry clean your white dress shirts and casino uniforms for you.

Cynthia York | 07/27/15

We are the only dry cleaners in the area that is designated as a wedding gown specialist.

Ginger Laxton | 07/27/15

We have been in the dry cleaning business for more than 30 years.

Florence Jensen | 07/26/15

If you have a computer, you can order dry cleaning service from us online. We offer odor free dry cleaning service.

Barbara Sullivan | 07/26/15

We can clean versace, armani and vera wang gowns with special care.

Aaron Cohen | 07/26/15

Our alterations staff can fix anything from slacks to dresses.

Eric Mcclure | 07/25/15

We offer pick up and delivery service for our dry cleaning customers.

Barbara Anderson | 07/25/15

Seventy wedding gown designers recommend our dry cleaning, wedding dress preservation services.

Cynthia Frank | 07/23/15

We can do alterations for men's suits and women's gowns. If you are coming to town for your wedding, we can clean your wedding gown and send it to you in a preservation box.

Dean Family | 07/22/15

If you send your wedding gown to us, we can press it for you so it's ready for your big day.

Amanda Lovette | 07/22/15

Dry cleaning coats is something we can do for you.

Barbara Good | 07/21/15

Adding sleeves or taking sleeves off is something our alteration team can do for you.

Donna Auyer | 07/21/15

If you want to take some lace off a dress or add some sleeves, let our alteration team do that for you.

Eric Bawers | 07/21/15

If you have designer shirts, we will hand press them for you.

Allan Bahlke | 07/21/15

All of the dry cleaning and alteration work we do is done in one of our local shops.

David Brost | 07/20/15

Our dry cleaning staff is sent to special classes to learn the latest dry cleaning techniques.

Barbara Sutherland | 07/20/15

If you have a uniform for a casino job, we can pick it up and deliver it to you every week.

Bill Hall | 07/20/15

We will replace broken or missing buttons on your shirts for you at no charge.

Carol Ball | 07/19/15

We are a couture dry cleaner at affordable prices.

Barbara Porter | 07/17/15

When it comes to cleaning oriental rugs, we can clean them for you.

Damon Boyd | 07/15/15

If you are looking for an eco friendly dry cleaner, give us a call.

Cynthia Kosik | 07/15/15

We can dry clean your designer handbags.

Dana Tasi | 07/14/15

You will find dry cleaning coupons right on our website.

Geoff Bennett | 07/14/15

If you get a stain on your clothing, be sure to blot it and not rub it.

Cynthia Minnicks | 07/13/15

If you have velvet dresses or a velvet comforter, bring them in for cleaning.

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