Dry Cleaners Henderson

Jack Harris | 06/27/15

If you prefer to work with a family owned business, you will love dealing with our dry cleaning business.

Camila Aviles | 06/26/15

If you have velvet dresses or a velvet comforter, bring them in for cleaning. Our team of alterationists can take a wedding dress from someone else and alter it to fit you.

Cori Mcqueen | 06/26/15

You can send all your designer clothing to us for special dry cleaning.

Caren Colburn | 06/26/15

We use a museum quality process to clean and restore vintage clothing to its original beauty.

Betty Bailey | 06/24/15

We can dry clean draperies in all different styles and materials for you. When it comes to doing wedding dress alterations, we have experts on staff.

Cynthia Haley | 06/22/15

If you have lots of clothes you wear to work and need them cleaned and pressed, we can do that for you. If you have a computer, you can order dry cleaning service from us online.

Ben Franks | 06/20/15

We can do alterations for men's suits and women's gowns.

Donna Cowhey | 06/20/15

Our cleaning process is good for daily clothing and special gowns and tuxedos.

Annie Boyd | 06/18/15

You need to be careful when cleaning suede so you don't ruin it.

Barbara Hanby | 06/18/15

We do local dry cleaning for individuals and families.

Barbara Regan | 06/18/15

We employ more than 30 people to take care of all the dry cleaning and wedding gown preservation jobs we get.

Cynthia Mekeel | 06/17/15

Dry cleaning coats is something we can do for you.

David Bataille | 06/17/15

If you are going to wear your grandmother's wedding gown, we can clean and alter it for you.

Debra Bindelli | 06/15/15

You never need to worry about cleaning heirloom tablecloths or lace doilies when you bring them to us.

Barbara Collins | 06/13/15

If you send your wedding gown to us, we can press it for you so it's ready for your big day. We will have your wedding dress ready in plenty of time for your destination wedding.

Belinda Bradley | 06/12/15

If you want to know our dry cleaning prices, just give us a call.

Diane Chase | 06/10/15

We can dry clean your white dress shirts and casino uniforms for you.

Barbara Lajeunesse | 06/10/15

We offer shirt laundry service where we can return them on hangers or folded and boxed.

Barragan Family | 06/10/15

You'll want to clean the tuxedo before you take it back to the rental location.

Erica Barrera | 06/10/15

If you want to take some lace off a dress or add some sleeves, let our alteration team do that for you.

Diane Barrentine | 06/09/15

When it comes to reweaving your oriental rugs, we can take care of that for you.

Barbara Lewis | 06/08/15

Our alterations staff can fix anything from slacks to dresses.

Angie Becraft | 06/06/15

You can find a lot of dry cleaning tips on our website. We offer same day dry cleaning service.

Dave Farr | 06/06/15

We are wedding gown specialists who can clean and preserve your wedding dress for you. We can take care of all types of stains, including oily stains from butter or salad dressing.

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